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‘When we succeed in becoming so absorbed in something that our mind becomes completely one with it, we are in a state of Samadhi. Samadhi means “to bring together, to merge.” In Samadhi our personal identity-name, profession, family history, etc. completely disappears. In the moment of Samadhi none of that exists anymore. Nothing separates us from the object of our choice; instead we blend and become one with it.’







“Directing personal impressions and

                                                     inner dialogues into

geometric visuals and energetic expressions,

                          using the human body as the connecting      

     instrument and transformative vehicle in the desire to  

                      awaken the soul,

inspire the heart  

                         and bring both the beholder and performer 

       into a state of Samadhi













Ontwikkelingen en aankondigingen







” The dancers radiated such positivity and joy that we as spectators left the room smiling.
Amanda Simons , Dance Magazine




“Such a subtle expressiveness is generally reserved for naturals, provided they are willing to train rigorously to stay in shape. That is Vraja in a nutshell (…) What is striking in theater Rasa is that she physically is completely up to the spiritual and energetic effort exuded by her performance . In Navarasa there is no reservation, she goes full out, with heart and soul . “
– Johan Verhulst , Baarnsche Courant




“Breathtakingly beautiful, very moving. An immortal story, told very clever in multiple languages simultaneously. Bliss for the eyes and ears.”
– Sofiya Perfilyeva




The special blend of traditional Indian dance and modern Western dance styles that the company brings continues to fascinate. “
Amanda Simons , Dance Magazine




“We didn’t have enough eyes to see everything. What a stars on stage, each and everyone of them. What a grace , serenity, strength and skills. Beautifully danced. Simply spiritual, this dance company with the performance of Hanuman. We did not know what to expect, but the performance this evening exceeded every expectation. BRAVO . “
– Mark and Carina de Gast- Dresschers




“Dutch audiences seem to be increasingly interested in smaller independent dance companies whose work brings a breath of fresh air to local theaters. The Amsterdam based Samadhi Dance company is one of, if not the best example of this judging from their award winning fusion dance performances.(…) Hanuman is a blend of traditional Indian tales and contemporary elements that grabs people’s imagination and spreads feel good vibes: a golden combination that defines the identity of Samadhi Dance Company.”
– Isabella Zijp, Bachtrack Ltd




‘Sundari goes all-in , and it works ! Not often an hour goes by so fast . “
– Bregtje Schudel, Theaterkrant
” … Vraja reconciles these contradictory forms in a seemingly organic movement language,  that is perceived on one hand as very personal and unique and on the other as universal and abstract. Inspired by Yoga and Vedic wisdom the performance sometimes reaches a therapeutic level…
– Johan Verhulst, Baarnsche Courant




“Dancers of the Samadhi Dance Company are well trained and convincing in their movements (…) The story is illustrated with many color and surprising dance variations. Indian dance is mixed with modern dance and contemporary urban dance forms; a beautiful and fluent combination(…) A beautiful, innovative answer to the fairy tale ballets of the National Ballet. “
– Nikla Katsburg, 1e rang
 “The scene that remained with me most is the scene with Sita. Desperately she looks into the distance. Then the dancer takes her ponytail that reaches down to her waist, and slowly wraps it around her neck. Sita is so distraught that she wants to hang herself. A shock went through my body (…) Sundari Keilman takes her time for the scenes that bring tears to your eyes. I empathise with the dancers (…) First as oral literature retold through countless Hindu generations and now thanks to this crossover choreography by Sundari Keilman suitable for everyone.”
– Nadia Tan, Dans Magazine