Bimala Naysmith Photography
Bimala Naysmith Photography


“Art washes from the soul the dust of every day life”


The art of dance & yoga has the potency and capacity to connect people through its universal nature and can alter our state of mind and heart. 
We believe it has the unique ability to transform (negative) experiences into a form that not only reaches others, but can positively inspire and change ones thinking and feeling.

Our mission as a dance & yoga collective is to inspire harmonious (re)connection with the self and others, whilst invoking curiosity and encourage critical yet non-judgemental thinking. We aim for viewers and performers to tune in to themselves through energetic connection and strive to create and share with an open heart. Through our work we emphasise and celebrate union and commonalities in order to decrease division and disconnection.

The art of dance has the potency to bring art forms together in a way that can reach all types of people, regardless of intellectual capacity, personal history, culture, ethnicity, gender, age or status. In this way dance can bring people together and make people feel connected to something bigger than themselves, on several levels. This need for connection has been proven by social researchers to be a fundamental human need. And we believe that art which aims for collective union has the potential to full-fill this essential need.



  • Education:
    To invoke curiosity through profound and relatable knowledge
  • Connection:
    To soften the heart through meaningful and joyful connection
  • Innovation:
    To develop new ways of connecting inspired by new perspectives

“There is an eternal, ever-present reality within us, that transcends the limits that society imposes on us. Art has always been a celebration and thus a verification of that eternal reality.”
Bimala Naysmith Photography
Bimala Naysmith Photography