2020 – ‘Hard Heart’ by Keli feat. Samadhi Dance Company

“At a time in my life whilst living as a monk in an ashrama and practicing spiritual life strictly, I began to encounter aspects of myself that were uncomfortable to deal with. Sometimes it can seem easier to run away from your problems than to face them. If you run away for too long, you can be left feeling very numb emotionally and unable to express yourself in a satisfying way. This can lead to frustration and confusion. I wonder if you have ever experienced such a thing ? The human being is so complex, and understanding one’s nuances, abilities and shortcomings seem to be a big part of life’s ultimate goal towards self realisation. I have tried to express these honest and common experiences through the profound vehicle of Art, Music and Dance. I had the great fortune of collaborating with a whole team of genius spiritual artists to help me bring this vision to life.”  
– Keli
Original song: Keli
Guitar and vocals: Keli
Original string score: Julian Cartwright
Produced: Bali Rico
Mixed: Jaggi-Suta
Dancers: Annlydie Groenen, Vraja Sundari Keilman, Victor Swank
Choreographer & Director: Vraja Sundari Keilman
Cinematographer: Lars Steenhoff
Costumes/ Hair/ Mu: Vraja Sundari, Asya Solovyeva
Assistant: Ruth Henzen
Editor: Gala Del Sol
Special thanks:
Jaya- Jaggantha
Ananda- Murari
Premananda- Kirtan
Jahnavi Harrison
Lila- Vrndavan