Unforgettable celebration ‘Between Worlds’

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Aaah we can’t believe it is already more than a week ago that we premiered our 10-years anniversary performance ‘Between Worlds’, it seriously feels like yesterday !!! And we know its really late – especially in social media land – but we still really want and need to take a moment to give a HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU to the most fabulous audience EVER !!! The support, appreciation and responses that have come our way this last week have just blown our minds, it literally took us a week to return back to earth and time is just going waaay too fast!
But we decided that we are going to take the rest all the time we need to enjoy this adventure that was ‘Between Worlds‘ as it is almost not humanly possible to take it all in right now; for us it is not just that Friday evening, but all the events that accumulated to that Friday evening that made it truly unforgettable.

Photos: Peter Vroon

In the mean time stay in the mood of ‘Between Worlds’ by enjoying several previews from the première such as the mesmerising solo ‘Endless Flight’ by Guillermo as a tribute to Samadhi’s all-time muse Ricardo Rus Da Silva and the highly dynamic scene ‘The Conference’ feat. flamenco dancer Jessica Achten.