Navarasa Gauri

 Navarasa Gauri – A Journey through the Nine Emotions

Navarasa Gauri is a live music and dance performance featuring three musicians, two modern dancers and a Bharat Natyam dancer. The contents are based on the ancient old scripture the ‘Natya Shastra’ written by Bharata Muni (±200 B.C.) and the book ‘The yoga of the nine emotions’ by Peter Marchand. The performance consists of two parts. The first part treats the negative emotions whereas the second expresses the positive emotions. This because the emotions have a clear reciprocal relationship and are often a consequence of one another. 

Title explanation
Navarasa is the Sanskrit translation for the nine basic emotions as described in the Natya Shastra (nava = ‘9’, rasa = ‘emotion’/’taste’/’relationship’). Gauri can be interpreted  in different ways. In the piece Gauri refers to the feminine and to the ‘Light’ (God). Gauri also is another name for Parvati or Shakti, the female principle.

Navarasa Gauri Videos