Photo: Karen Scheffers
Photo: Karen Scheffers

A powerful fusion of Sanskrit and contemporary music and movement

In 2015 Vraja Sundari is requested to create a dance performance for the album release of ‘Inevitable Time’ by female artist Ananda Monet (UK). This collaboration results in the mesmerising live music and dance performance ‘Atma’ (Sanskrit for ‘self’), a production based entirely on Ananda’s Mahabharata themed album, released by Radha Krishna Records.


‘Inevitable Time’ is a contemporary devotional music album. The album takes you on a journey to the time of mystic heroes of the ancient epic Mahabharata. ​Each song invites you to experience their powerful stories through the evocative musical vignettes and Sanskrit verses from the sacred texts of Bhagavad Gita and the Puranas. ​Ananda spent 3 years developing the concept together with UK music producer Jag. 



Atma’ based on the album ‘Inevitable Time’ is an enthralling, dynamic journey into the epic Mahabharata. The dramatic story and timeless philosophical message is brought to life through powerful songs by Ananda and expressive choreography by artistic director and leader Vraja Sundari Keilman.

Een krachtige fusie van Westerse dans en muziekstijlen en Oud Indiase wijsbegeerte

Voor de live muziek- en dansvoorstelling ‘Atma’ werkt het meermaals bekroonde dansgezelschap samen met de Russische zangeres Ananda Monet gevestigd te Londen. ‘Atma’ is gebaseerd op Ananda’s innovatieve, hedendaagse album ‘Inevitable Time’ bestaande uit Sanskriet gebeden uit het wereldberoemde oud-Indiase epos bekend als de Mahabharata.


Op verzoek van Ananda creëert choreografe Vraja Sundari Keilman de gevarieerde dansvoorstelling getiteld ‘Atma’ (Sanskriet voor ‘ziel’ of ‘zelf’) gebaseerd op Ananda’s CD ‘Inevitable Time’ (Radha Krishna Records), een meeslepende, dynamische reis door het Oud Indiase epos bekend als de Mahabharata. Het dramatische verhaal en de tijdloze filosofische boodschap worden door middel van krachtige muzikale composities en expressieve choreografie tot leven gebracht.
Eind mei in het Camden Center te Londen was een deel van deze voorstelling te zien ism Jahnavi Harrison en werd met open armen ontvangen door pers en publiek. Inmiddels is de samenwerking uitgegroeid tot een doorslaand succes met boekingen in binnen- en buitenland. 

Artwork by Mukesh Singh


Choreography: Vraja Sundari Keilman
Dancers: Annlydie Groenen, Gaura Nataraj Das Furdak, Jeffrey Stuut, Lotte Lensink, Rasarani Keilman, Sara Pennella, Sarada Sarita Keilman, Vraja Sundari Keilman
Soundtrack: ‘Inevitable Time’ by Ananda Monet ‘, music produced by Jag
Costumes: Mandali Mendrilla, Gaura Nataraj Das
Light: Mike den Ottolander
Sound: Bart Vlot
Photography: Karen Scheffers PhotographyYusra Ali Photography
Trailers: Rachid Pardo, Jose-Pablo Patricio Larrea Jorquera/ Ideal Concept LLC
Producer: STG Samadhi Dance Company, Kapila Monet, Radha Krishna-Records

Ananda Monet

Ananda grew up in a family of musicians practicing bhakti yoga in Russia. She attended a school that taught bhakti yoga components, such as Vedic philosophy and mantra meditation alongside regular academics in Moscow. There she developed a lifelong taste for kirtan, the ancient spiritual practice of singing sacred mantras. 

Ananda went on to study Russian traditional music at college in Moscow which further developed her experience of the sacred in music. After graduating she recorded a debut Russian language album, launched 2007. She now lives in the UK where she is active in many mantra music projects in London and presents kirtan to a variety of audiences. Her devotional Sanskrit album ‘Inevitable Time’, based on the great epic of ancient India called Mahabharata was released in May 2015.

'Draupadi - Born of Fire' at Camden Centre in London, May 28 2015.
‘Draupadi – Born of Fire’ at Camden Centre in London, May 28 2015.

“This is an album packed with deep life-changing meaning” – Madhava Smullen

“The tracks we’ve heard cut straight to the soul” – The Bhakti Beat

‘Atma shines in its abstraction. – Dans Magazine 

“…. Inevitable Time is one of the most important new albums to have come out this year. Its from a new generation of musicians who take classical themes – in this case the Mahabharata of India – and breathes new life into them with a sound that is completely contemporary. – The Vaishnava Voice



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