‘From the Inside Out: the Power of Dance’ at the Inner Peace Conference in Amsterdam

We are excited and honoured to announce our participation this year at the Inner Peace Conference hosted by Delight Yoga on October 7 at the Vondelkerk in Amsterdam! The conference will take place on October 6 and 7 on various locations throughout Amsterdam and there are only a few tickets left for the Sunday program so dont miss out and get the last available tickets now at innerpeaceconference!
Samadhi will contribute by presenting a unique 1 hour program titled ‘From the Inside Out; the Power of Dance’, consisting of a short lecture by founder and director Vraja Sundari Keilman, followed by a workshop based on Mudra dance to close off with an intimate performance of ‘PAVAN‘. Read more about this special program below.


Inner Peace Conference | 6th and 7th of October, Amsterdam

Go in, and go beyond

The Inner Peace Conference is a conference designed to expose people to the great wisdom traditions of the world and ignite an inner revolution. Wisdom, philosophy, music, meditation, yoga and other contemplative practices have always functioned as keys to open our hearts and clear our minds for inner peace. 

The conference offers a diverse program of workshops, lectures, teachings and concerts by internationally renowned teachers. A couple weeks before the conference you will be asked to choose your path to Inner Peace: all ticket holders will get an email to book the workshops they like to attend. All of this is very easy and goes online. Don’t know what to choose? We’re here to help!
Vondelkerk Amsterdam
Vondelkerk Amsterdam
Throughout history the city of Amsterdam has played a crucial part in harbouring and sharing these wisdom traditions. It has been a sanctuary for independent thinkers, writers, innovators and artists, resulting in an open society uniting people from all walks of life. For this reason, we feel this is fertile soil for finding truth and discovering our true nature.

The time has come to once again unite these great wisdom traditions so that they can lead us beyond religion, nationality and race.
It is our dream and believe that we can all rediscover ourselves in our own traditions, and find common ground in Inner Peace – leading us to live in harmony with all.

Join us this October to start your own inner revolution. 

The Inner Peace Conference team.
Photo: Bimala Naysmith
Photo: Bimala Naysmith

From the Inside out: the power of dance

Dance is the expression of the unspoken, the mystical aspects of humanity that cannot be communicated through words. Inner movement is streamed into space, giving expression to deep-seated desires, emotions, experiences and questions. It has the ability to express and transform difficult personal experiences into positive, inspirational movement whilst releasing blocked energy from the body. Thus not only inspiring others, this universal art form can physically alter the body and stimulate healing when done with the right mindset and conscious intentions.

Dance as a means to connect, transform and heal

In dance, we aim to connect on all levels; with the elements, our own body, other bodies, the surrounding energy, the music and the moment. To dance is to connect and as dance is a universal language it has the capacity to speak and communicate with everyone and anyone. It connects our inner world with the outer world, and it is in this connection where we find purpose and happiness. Yoga means ‘union’ or ‘to bind’ so when dance is approached as in yoga, we are literally uniting or binding all these diverse aspects with each other.

When the inner movement is harmful, in other words, when memories of pain, experiences of suffering and trauma are bottled up in the body, it creates illness and disconnection. By the use of dance, especially when using hand gestures and yoga techniques, we are able to transform negative experiences into powerful art, giving a voice and form to that which we cannot explain. This expression of vulnerability transforms into empowerment and simultaneously inspires others to do the same thus contributing to a stronger more courageous environment.

We will commence with a lecture about the purpose of dance and its connection with spiritual life and yoga. We will then explore several movements and exercises where we awaken our chi or prana and focus on the use of mudras, meaning hand gestures, combining healing movements with aesthetic movements. Mudras are also known to instantly connect with the heart chakra and can be practised at any time, in any situation, by any individual. Following this interactive section will be an intimate dance performance displaying how vulnerable and personal emotions enable the dancers to relate and connect to each other and the viewers, transforming fragility into strength.



Open to all levels
Healing, dance, mudras
Lecture, workshop, performance and discussion

Vision of Samadhi Dance Company

The philosophy of the Samadhi Dance Company and its director Vraja Sundair Keilman is based on the teachings of bhakti yoga as a means to enhance the body-mind relationship and move from the heart, collaborating with the body in a harmonious manner. Basic on the principles of this yoga form, the implementation of the yoga of the nine emotions (navarasas) as stated in the Natya Shastra and the use of hand gestures – mudras – are actively explored in an uplifting and inspiring manner. Mudras are used in Indian classical dance as a means to speak through dance and visually convey stories or things, as well as inner feelings. They are also used during meditation to channel the body’s energy flow and improve health. Mudras have a direct connection with the heart chakra and help unblock the meridians, enhancing the flow of movement. Besides its beneficial effects, the gestures bring a certain grace to one’s posture as well as improving the quality of movement and individual expression.

Sundari’s dance methods and vision aim to improve body-mind awareness by using the intelligence as a means to understand and collaborate with the body in a healthy and efficient way. The body is seen as an instrument or bridge to connect with others and express inner movement with the outer world. She aims to celebrate and rediscover the body’s unique intelligence, decreasing the chance of injury and forced, rigid movements while increasing physical freedom, range of movement and individual expression. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of the individual’s personal experience during physical activities. Especially the use of positive thoughts and the emphasis on possibilities and solutions versus limitations and judgements play a vital role in this unique process developed by Sundari over the last 15 years.

“Directing personal impressions and inner dialogues into geometric visuals and energetic expressions, using the human body as the connecting instrument and transformative vehicle in the desire to awaken the soul, inspire the heart and bring both the beholder and performer into a state of Samadhi.”

Photo: Alexander van der Linden/Dephoid
Photo: Alexander van der Linden/Dephoid