Samadhi’s 10-year anniversary ‘Between Worlds’

Foto: Karen Scheffers
Foto: Karen Scheffers
While the summer makes way for fall the dancers return to the studio ready to reach new physical and artistic heights for the coming seasons as next year marks the 10 years anniversary of Samadhi Dance Company, wauw! Who would have thought that a small, independent and distinctive company would make it through all these years of significant changes and cuts, global and national ups and lows and the intense and constant changes that characterize the fleeting pace of the dance world? Well, we sure didn’t! Needless to say we are more than proud and beyond grateful to see us come this far and of course this asks for a major celebration!
And what better way to celebrate than by dancing our hearts out for our beloved and loyal audience, the ones who keep us going time and time again! So get ready for an enthralling and highly inspiring evening of dance created especially for our anniversary, to be presented on Friday March 24 at the prestigious Theater De La Mar in Amsterdam! Samadhi will be ready to transport you to its characteristic and magical world of movement, music, emotion and blasting energy like you’ve never seen before!
This unique program titled ‘Between Worlds’ will include remakes of scenes from Samadhi’s best international dance productions such as ‘Saranágati’, ‘Vizve’, ‘Hanuman’, ‘Bho‘, ‘Pavan‘ and more, as well as new work in collaboration with several renowned artists from across the globe. The line up of artists will be announced shortly after and the program will open with impressive short performances of highly talented young dancers of tomorrow. Presale commences this week and includes a 15% discount on all entrance tickets. This Early Bird discount is only valid until December 31 of 2016 so make sure to get your tickets as soon as you can if you want to be guaranteed the best seats for the lowest price!

And keep a look out on our upcoming promotional photos and videos if you can’t wait to catch a glimpse of what’s coming 😉

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