Compilation ‘Beautiful Monsters’

Entering our spring season with this happy-maker of a compilation, never-before-seen footage of ‘Beautiful Monsters’, the 2nd act of Between Worlds. We fell in love with this quirky world and its mad characters and are now creating new work based on this short piece; diving into a land of curious characters revealing themselves from their various masks, facing deep-seated fears through courage, friendship, faith and sincerity….a powerful journey and a dance performance you do not want to miss!


And while we are cooking this new work plenty of other projects are being prepared for the coming time including several collaborations and Samadhi’s Summer Tour with performances in Florence, Berlin, Ardennes, Amsterdam, Sofia and more. Starting with our first performance of the spring season, a preview of the new work ‘Narasimha’ on April 28 in Italy.

So keep an eye on our news page to stay up to date and for now enjoy this fabulous video of ‘Beautiful Monsters’!

  • Concept & choreography: Vraja Sundari Keilman in collab with the dancers
  • Dancers (in order of appearance): Vraja Sundari Keilman, Sara Pennella, Rasarani Keilman, Ilaria Angelicchio, Sarada Sarita Keilman, Annlydie Groenen, Guillermo Blinker Jeffrey Stuut, Gaura Nataraj/Aleksey Furdak
  • Film: Rachid Wolf Pardo, Lars Steenhoff | Edit: Vraja Sundari Keilman
  • Lighting and stage design: LXGO/Lianne Eikelenboom & Yvet Veld
  • Costumes: Vraja Sundari Keilman, Rani Art
  • Music track: ‘Kerala’ by Bonobo
  • Premiere: during Samadhi’s 10-year anniversary ‘Between Worlds’ March 24, 2017 at DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam