BMJ receives the Culture Award of 2021!

We are so honoured and humbled to announce that our beloved dance academy known as the Balletschool Marut Jorquera  has received the Culture Award of 2021!

This token of appreciation inspires us deeply to continue this beautiful legacy of dance, gifted to us by our mother and teachers who firmly believed in us on our own journey in becoming who we are today.
It motivates and strengthens us even more to stay hopeful during these uncertain times, to stay courageous in our decision-making and to remain grateful and dedicated to share the beauty and power that is the art of dance!

Our aim is to give all of our students, of all ages and generations to come that magical experience of dance; of being fully connected with and inspired by the wonder that is our body, mind and spirit. How we can feel free and connected, even for just a moment, when we dance fully, bravely and with an open heart!

And though everything still seems upside down and we all have to push through to keep going, your support is helping us tremendously to do so with grace, calm perseverance and loving acceptance of what is and what may, no matter what!

So basically, we are so grateful and so moved, no words, just LOVE !!

THANK YOU to every single soul who has supported or contributed in any way to making this happen, it means SO much to us !!

Vraja Sundari, Rasarani & Sarada Sarita

BMJ receives the Culture Award of 2021!