Aug 2: New work ‘Ruci’ at Vondelpark Open Air Theater in Amsterdam

On Friday August 2 at 20.30 hr we are thrilled to share Samadhi’s latest new work titled ‘Ruci’ as part of New Dance Studio’s annual evening program ‘New Dance presents Friends’ held at the Vondelpark Open Air Theater in Amsterdam. ‘Ruci’ will be performed by the fabulous Sara Pennella, Samadhi’s new intern Victor Swank and founder and choreographer Vraja Sundari.
Photo: Karen Scheffers
Photo: Karen Scheffers
‘Ruci’ shares the journey of three beings living between heaven and earth, floating from a more ethereal existence into a human and restricted form. Through their desire for connection and solace they find each other and move each other forwards, out of restriction into a field of play and freedom. 
‘Ruci’ is an abstract dance story about relationships; one’s relationship with the outside world, with other beings and with the self. 
Work-in-progress ‘RUCI’
Choreography: Vraja Sundari
Dancers: Sara Pennella, Vraja Sundari, Victor Swank (intern)
Music tracks: Suplington, Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds
Voice-over: Radhanath Swami, George Harrison
Powered by New Dance Studios 
For more info on the entire program visit the event New Dance presents Friends 
Sara Pennella - Photo: Alexander van der Linden/Dephoid
Sara Pennella – Photo: Alexander van der Linden/Dephoid
Intern Victor Swank
Intern Victor Swank